Ruth's Vision

From skyrocketing home prices to sky-high property taxes, workers and families are being priced out of our community at an alarming rate. For generations, good, union jobs and targeted tax relief provided a pathway to the American Dream. For too many today, that dream feels like a broken promise. Now more than ever, we need leaders who are willing to work across the political divide to solve the toughest problems facing our community. Driven by the urgency to shape a better future for her grandchildren, here is Ruth’s vision for a new day in District 39.


Jobs & Economy

Equipped with decades of experience as a non-profit executive, Ruth is ready to help forge public-private partnerships that offer opportunities and resources to everyday New Jerseyans, stimulating our economic growth by investing directly into our community. In order to build back our struggling economy from the COVID-19 pandemic, Ruth plans to work across the aisle to provide assistance to those who have been hit the hardest. That means working closely with local business owners, connecting them with the relief dollars they need to get back to work.


Cost of Living

New Jersey families pay almost double the national average in property taxes, while municipalities are burdened by ineffective housing mandates. Clearly New Jerseyans need change. New Jersey must take action to roll out a housing census to help determine where housing is needed most. It is time to work together with neighboring communities to consolidate shared services in order to provide better resources to our community while also saving critical tax dollars.



In the Senate, Ruth will work to ensure that quality, affordable healthcare is accessible for all residents of District 39, regardless of zip code or income. Informed by her experience as a hospital administrator, Ruth knows how important access to local, affordable healthcare resources are to New Jersey families. While working to save Bayonne Medical Center from closure, Ruth learned that without a hospital, residents of the city would be forced to travel 50 miles for emergency medical services – a reality that no family should face.



As the former President of the Saddle River Board of Education, Ruth knows that a robust K-12 education is essential for securing our children's future. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed our education system to be lacking in essential areas. As a parent and grandparent, Ruth knows that we can make common sense reforms to ensure that both children and parents’ educational experience is improved.


Infrastructure & Technology

New Jersey’s infrastructure is decades behind the curve. Today, almost 10% of our bridges and 37% of roads are structurally deficient, while 229 of our dams have "high-hazard" potential. Even our local Hillside Avenue in District 39 has fallen into such disrepair, that it had to be closed for “severe corrosion.” Action on this issue is long overdue. Both Federal and local funds should be focused on improving our infrastructure, not just for today, but for future generations. By investing in renewable energy and the green economy, New Jersey can become the east coast leader in the fight against climate change.


Energy & Environment

Ruth believes that fighting climate change is not just about limiting damage — like the extra $8 billion dollar cost from Hurricane Sandy — but about creating stable jobs. Not only should we remain committed to the New Jersey Energy Master Plan, we should invest in job programs and training to build a green workforce.

Addressing climate change is urgent and necessary – that’s why Ruth started working to protect our environment more than four decades ago with the Bergen County Office of Energy. Once elected, Ruth will work together with community stakeholders, local business owners, and nearby jurisdictions in order to keep our air and water clean for generations to come.


Civil Rights

Equality and justice are the bedrock of American values. In order to adhere to our nation’s founding principles, we must work to ensure that all people have equal rights under the law. That means we must work to expand economic opportunity by supporting entrepreneurs of every background, tackle housing affordability and security, and invest in a public education that prepares every student for success in both higher education and the workplace.

Through advancements like achieving marriage equality, our country has made significant progress on equality for LGBTQ Americans. But there’s no question our work doesn’t end there. We need to secure basic rights and opportunities for all New Jerseyeans to thrive. We must take action to ensure that no New Jerseyan is ever held back because of who they are or who they love.